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Students program their own name badges during Code Week

Letters and symbols scroll across small LED displays: the student’s own name, their favourite band, or just „Hello“ and a couple of hearts. During Code Week at the ibsm students from grades two and three once again had lots of fun learning the basics of how to program a matrix display. This project was made possible by the Friends of the ibsm. Since 2019 this booster club has been committed to making Code Week happen at the bilingual primary school every year.

During the coding workshop, the eager students are supported in class by Margot Schubert from space2code – a charitable organisation offering programming classes for children – and the chairman of the ”Freunde der ibsm Friends e.V.“, Oliver Woltermann. An easy task for paterfamilias Woltermann who works for a large technology company where he works on further developing an operating system. Using a special program and the ibsm-owned notebook computers, the children can program their own little LED display to show a personal text, icons and various effects.

With the aid of a magnet the displays can then even be attached to clothing, for example. Some students create a digital name badge in this way, others have the names of their favourite bands scroll through, or just cool symbols. Of course the children are allowed to keep the display and can continue to work with it. (ks)

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