Freunde der ibsm friends e.V.

The Parent Teacher Organisation and a number of dedicated parents established a friends association. The aim of this association is to support the educational work of ibsm and IKC by providing additional resources to enrich school life, e.g. through funding for extra equipment and projects, excursions, in-service training or events.





Last Tuesday, our first graders enjoyed their first day at the ibsm.

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Starting school is not just an exciting moment in the life of every child – it is also an exciting moment for their...

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Get through the corona pandemic safely at the ibsm!

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We wish our fourth graders best of luck and every success in their future endeavours!

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Dear parents,

As you have probably already heard from the media, the Bavarian State Government ordered on Friday that...

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Invitation to an information evening at the ibsm.

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It's almost time for the rooms and halls to be filled with activity again. We look forward to the new school year and...

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Our campus had a very Hawaiian look for our summer fête

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Language quiz, reading and singing in various languages at the ibsm and IKC.

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Werner Holzwarth visits the ibsm with his son Tim to introduce his new book ‘Mein Jimmy’ (My Jimmy).

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Our partners

The International Bilingual School Munich has access to a broad range of skills with strong partners in the spheres of childcare and education. In addition to Minihaus München and Kinderhaus München (for special needs education), these include the Arbeitskreis Legasthenie Bayern e.V. (for support with literacy and numeracy). Our International Kids Campus is a strong partner in the educational sphere, too.

The ongoing professional qualification of our staff takes place at our own training facility, the Bildungsakademie Feinschliff: research into the brain and into educational techniques comes up with new information almost daily, making it ever easier for us to understand how a child learns to comprehend its world. For education professionals, this means knowing and structuring these new facts, weighing up which of them it makes sense to include in the developmental process of children and how to achieve this.
Our in-house training academy Feinschliff imparts valuable professional knowledge to our teaching staff at regular intervals – among other areas in early-years education, team-building and leadership skills specifically for social professions. Our lecturers have many years’ experience of teaching and work experience both in their respective fields and in practice, and provide our staff with competent, professional training. Our in-service training provision is developed consistently from practice and adapted to suit the latest knowledge and requirements. You can thus be sure that your child will always be being looked after in accordance with the latest educational methods at the ibsm.

All these facilities have been working on children’s linguistic, intellectual, emotional and social development very successfully for decades.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


What does 'state-approved school' mean?

Since the ibsm is a state-approved school, children need to pass a probationary session before being admitted to a state-recognised secondary school.
Changing to a state-approved secondary school is possible without a probationary session.

To which schools do students move after class 4?

This depends on the performance and interests of students. Since the ibsm is a state-approved school, children need to pass a probationary session before being admitted to a state-recognised secondary school. No probationary session is required for changing to a state-approved secondary school. At the ibsm, all students receive systematic preparation for changing schools and parents receive advice on choosing a school. Secondary schools frequently chosen by parents and students after class 4 are Obermenzinger Gymnasium [grammar school], Neuhof Schulen [several school types], Überreiter Gymnasium [grammar school], MIS, BIS and a number of city grammar schools.

What are the school fees

Fees depend on parents’ income. You can view the schedule of fees here.  
In addition there will be the following costs:
materials € 140 per year,
hot lunch – if required - vegetarian or with meat (no pork) € 75 per month,
bus service (if required) € 265 per month. School bus stops are available on request.

How does the admissions procedure work?

Completing the questionnaire adds you to the waiting list, and you will automatically be invited to the next information event or informed when we can offer you a place.

IThe admissions procedure for the new school year starts in December. The first information events take place in October.

In January and February we offer taster mornings for all new students for class 1.

Allocation of places is complete by early March.

Children who are interested in joining years 2, 3 und 4 will be invited for a taster week. After this, the school decides on whether the child will be admitted. Admission criteria are: language proficiency, academic standard, attitude to work and social skills.

Is it possible to apply in the course of the school year?

Yes! Applications to the ibsm are accepted all year round. Allocation of places depends on current availability and the child's specific requirements.

What are the times of the lessons?

All-day lessons at the ibsm start at 9.00 and end at 16.00 every day. This is followed by an 'After-School Programme' which offers the children different activities every day. Examples include break-dancing, ‘Let’s move', chess, ballet and yoga. These activities are chargeable.

When are ibsm holiday dates?

The ibsm follows the Bavarian holiday schedule.

What is the average number of students per class?

Our classes consist of no more than 25 students to ensure individualised supervision.

What other activities does the ibsm offer?

We offer a variety of afternoon activities (the 'After-School Programme'), e.g. swimming, break-dancing und chess. These courses are chargeable. In the spring, we also offer skiing lessons.

Is it possible for my child to continue lessons at the ibsm after class 4?

No, the ibsm only teaches primary school children.

Does the ibsm have a garden?

Yes, the ibsm has a lovely garden with plenty of play equipment and enough space for running around and having fun.


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